My husband and I found this place just by googling things to do in and around Saratoga springs. We really enjoyed our experience there , the staff are very pleasant and helpful. I recommend this to anyone who wants the experience of making your own candle it's does not take long and it's quite relaxing. �we even let them put our picture on the website. -Mary Bourque Evans
Brought my daughter in today to make a candle and support a local business for Small Business Saturday and had a great experience! Staff are friendly and attentive, we were offered bottle water and cupcake samples! It doesn't get much better than that! I initially was just going to watch my daughter but then decided to join the fun and made a beautiful Christmas tree candle! Thank you Candle Collective! We will be back! -Megan Parker
Thank you so much for a really amazing afternoon. My family and I enjoyed it thoroughly. You all were so friendly, helpful and kind. The staff explained the process of making a Candle, gladly answered all of our questions, and created a fun, exciting atmosphere. Santa was amazing as well. Thank you so much, we will definitely be back in the future. -Justin Durso
I brought my niece tonight for Flicks and Wicks. Catherine, Sandy, Shannon and Megan were so kind to us. We spent time creating our very own candles with the scent of our choice, had some tasty treats and enjoyed a movie! Fun! We'll be back! Thank you all for a fun night! -Heather Varney
   I went this evening and had a fantastic time. The owners are upbeat and easy to talk to, which is important to new customers. The candle making process is fun, stress releasing, and creative. I plan to be back and bring more friends!!!- Chris DeConno
 I've ordered candles from here and had them shipped all the way to Hawaii where I live. They are beautiful and smell amazing. I get compliments on them often! -Cara Mancini
"We had an absolutely fantastic time - a big thank you!" - Barbara Jones
 Amazing place, can't wait to start making candles for family members and friends. Something unique and well thought about in the area. -Ryan Triller
 So much fun, my candles turned out so pretty! - Emily Shields
 It was a fantastic place to take my niece & nephew to make our own candles and celebrate a birthday by doing something special !!!! We all had lots of fun and the candles are so nice with the wonderful scents....helpful and friendly owners too! -Cynthia Zak
We love the Candle Collective! It's a very one of a kind experience, and you leave with a beautiful work of art which you created! Please support this wonderful venture! -Ashley Cofrancisco 
Whether you're looking to stop in quick and buy a few candles, or have a seat and make your very own...this place is perfect! -Mindy Gilman
My daughter lives in this area and I came to visit her. Had such a great time and LOVE the beautiful candles we made which will remind us both of spending time together as we light our candles apart!  Barbara Meringolo

5 Reasons Candle Making is Perfect for Family Fun

Finding interactive family fun in an age of heavy screen time can sometimes feel like a challenge. At The Candle Collective, we love having entire families come in to experience the joys of custom candle creating together.

Here’s why candle making is perfect for family fun:

1. Express Your Creativity

Our studio has lots of molds, colors and scents for you to choose from, there are endless opportunities for you each to express your creativity!

Create your own candle

2. Spend More Time Together

Candle making is a fun activity that can be shared across generations, which is why it’s the perfect way to bring the whole family together. It’s easy to make conversation when everyone is having fun!

Spend Time together creating candles

3. Take a Break from the Screen

In 2019 it can seem like everything requires some ‘screen time’, but not custom candle creating! Just real people, real smiles and real family fun!

Take a break from netflix and create candles

4. Experience Something New Together

How often do you get to make your very own custom candle masterpiece? Candle making is one arts & crafts activity that you probably haven’t tried yet with the kids.

experience something new by creating candles

5. Make Lasting Memories

It’s not every day that you and the kids get to make something together. Plus, when you leave here, your creations come with you! Whether you use them for decoration or burn them over time, each time you see your candles you can remember what fun it was to create them.

make lasting memories creating candles

Candle making is perfect for family fun, kids activities, birthday parties, field trips, club activities, homeschool activities and more. So come get creative at The Candle Collective!